About Piper

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Hi. I’m Piper Terrett. I’m an Essex girl and now an exile – I didn’t get very far, just across the border to Hertfordshire… A financial journalist by trade, I cut my writing teeth working for the FT Group’s Investors Chronicle and Shares Magazine.

Freelance for 10 years, I’ve been small business editor for Yahoo! Finance, a freelance editor and writer at Moneyweek, contributed to Mirror Money, MSN, loveMONEY and have just finished a stint as financial editor for Netwealth, a new wealth management firm. Until I had my son in 2015, I also lectured part-time in business writing at London Metropolitan University for three years.

Before that, I worked at the BBC and as a researcher for Show Me The Money on Channel Four and Adam Faith’s Money Channel. But my first job on graduating from Newnham College was a summer stint as a researcher for Professor Germaine Greer.

I have blogging form. My previous blog The Frugal Life followed my adventures as I tried to save money and pursue a greener lifestyle. Highly popular during the credit crunch, it ran for four years on MSN UK from 2007 to 2011 and led to the publication of my second book, The Frugal Life: How to spend less and live more (Good Life Press). I am also author of Bedroom DJ: A Beginner’s Guide (Omnibus) and crime novel Victim Support.

If you’d like to hire me for a project or have a challenge idea, drop me an email at girlvforty@gmail.com