About Girl v Forty

Me, with my Mum, aged 17 months

Welcome to Girl v Forty – a blog about having new life experiences.  In 2015 my life changed forever – my other half and I had our gorgeous baby boy – and in 2016 I turned the big 4 0.

My plans to have a big birthday bash had to be cancelled at the last minute as both my little boy and hubby went down with a sickness bug. So, instead, I have decided to celebrate my forties by having new and unusual experiences and blogging about them here.

And, no, I don’t mean physically-challenging experiences such as climbing Mount Everest, doing an Iron Man contest or jumping out of a plane – anyone who knows me (a gym-dodging bookworm) knows that’s not my style –  I mean wacky new experiences such as learning how to charm a snake, taking part in an eating competition,  or being someone else for a day.

I loved the TV series Man v Food so that’s why I’ve called my blog Girl v Forty.

Got any suggestions for me or are you a PR with some ideas for me? Get in touch. I’m on girlvforty@gmail.com or @girlvforty on Twitter