Does anything stop snoring?

I am about to own up to something embarrassing. At night time I mysteriously transform from a cool (well, sort of…) fortysomething female into a snoring warthog.

I didn’t snore until I had my little boy. Correction – until I entered the third trimester with Stellan. Then I turned into a window rattler.

I mostly stopped snoring a year or so after he was born but over the past few months, according to my weary other half, the midnight warthog has returned with a vengeance. It has got so bad that in the middle of the night Doug regularly takes himself off to the spare room to get some peace.

He uses earplugs but they aren’t enough to keep out the missus’ unwanted snorts.

And this is despite a month off alcohol doing the Go Sober for October challenge. Staying off the booze is supposed to prevent snoring but sadly it hasn’t in my case.

Enough is enough, so I have decided to try out some anti-snoring devices over the next few weeks to see if anything will help.

First up is a throat spray I found in the chemist called Silence. You use it at night just before you go to bed and it sprays a foam onto the back of your throat. It’s easy to use – you just shake it and spray – and doesn’t taste too unpleasant, although it’s a bit of a weird sensation when it lands on the back of your throat.

The first three nights I used the spray it seemed to work and I didn’t snore. Hoorah! Relief at last for my other half. Unfortunately, after a few days the snoring returned. I’ve used the spray a few times since but without further success so I will have to try something else.

Let me know if you have any suggestions! Do you or your partner snore? What remedies have you found useful?

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