Go Sober Challenge

Go Sober Challenge: Donate a pint!

I’m finally on the home straight and into the last week of my Go Sober Challenge for October for Macmillan Cancer Support. Excitingly, the current fundraising total is £320 after some very generous donations from friends and family.

Thanks very much to everyone who has donated. If you haven’t yet and would like to there is still time. Please visit this link on Macmillan’s website. If you know somebody else who is doing the challenge, please donate to them.

Every little bit helps, as they say at Tesco. Don’t feel you have to donate a lot. You could, for example, just donate the cost of a pint of beer or a glass of wine. In fact, Macmillan are encouraging people to do just that.


Last week Doug & I managed to have a date night out, thanks to his Mum who bravely babysat for us. We headed to Hertford House bar in Hertford where I enjoyed a virgin cocktail.

I opted for a Sex on the Beach, which the bartender admitted without the alcohol was basically just orange and cranberry juice (grenadine syrup and peach juice too), but it was still very pleasant and I was driving anyhow. I see online that the mocktail is sometimes referred to rather sweetly as ‘Cuddles on the Beach’. Ah…

Our night out still managed to be fun without the alcohol – not difficult as we hadn’t had a date night since July! But I did miss having a glass of red wine with my steak and chips at Café Rouge.

Go Sober for October has been fun and it’s great that so many people have been so generous for what is a great cause, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to a drink at the end of it all. My cousin’s missus has already offered to buy me one. Nice one, Myrka! 😉



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