Go Sober Challenge

Go Sober Challenge: Halfway mark!

Great news! Not only am I already halfway through my Go Sober Challenge to avoid alcohol for a month but thanks to some very kind donors, we have already surpassed the fundraising target of £200. Great stuff. So far we’ve raised £225 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Brilliant. Thanks very much to everyone who has so kindly donated. I really appreciate it and it’s for a great cause. Click here if you’d like to donate too.

My lovely other half has been a great support – donating too. Thanks, hon – you are a superstar.  He says the money is a good use of what would have been my beer kitty for this month.

That said, he has also continued tempting me, as I mentioned last week.  This isn’t a deliberate campaign – he is just very much into his craft beer and, besides pumpkins (you’ll understand if you know him – he grew a giant one last year that was the sixth-biggest outdoor grown in the UK in a competition), talks about little else these days.

He spent most of the weekend bottling his latest brew – on the bright side, I will get to enjoy this very soon – and this huge parcel of beer arrived last week…


This was one of the selection… Oh dear…


Meanwhile, our little boy is two years old this week and I will miss being able to raise an (alcoholic) glass to him at his birthday party. Especially as a few months ago I purchased a lovely bottle of English sparkling wine called Three Squirrels (Stellan’s nickname is Squirrel) from our new independent wine shop in Hertford, Cava Vin. It will just take a little more will power to stay sober for a couple more weeks.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated and if you’d still like to do so, please visit my page on the Macmillan site.

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