Go Sober Challenge

Go Sober for October Challenge

Kicking off my GirlvForty challenges, I have just signed up for Macmillan Cancer Support’s Go Sober for October fundraising challenge.

It dawned on me recently that although I have donated to things other people have done over the years, like sponsored walks, the marathon, and one friend who even shaved her head, I haven’t been sponsored to do anything for charity for years.

While I done some volunteering, the last time I did anything sponsored was probably back in my school days when I dressed up as a hippy for Red Nose Day. And those who know me well will tell you that that wouldn’t have been much of a challenge…;0)

There aren’t many of us whose families haven’t been touched by cancer. My father has (fortunately, low level) prostate cancer, both my paternal grandparents died of cancer and I have also lost an aunt, two uncles, my mother’s best friend and – particularly sadly – an old college friend to it. A few years ago my cousin, thankfully, beat bone cancer. Another old college friend is also in remission from leukaemia. Macmillan do an amazing job supporting people living with cancer – everything from nursing and counselling to practical support like proving moneysaving advice.

And while I’m not normally a big drinker, me and my hubby have developed a taste for the recent craft beer craze and my waistline is telling me that it’s time I took a break from it and set a healthier example for our little boy… So that’s why I’ve decided to spend a month off alcohol.

I’ll let you know here how I get on. In the meantime, if you are doing the Sober for October challenge too and have any tips or suggestions, or if you just want to get in touch, please leave me a message here.

If you want to sponsor me, you are very kind and can do so by following this link.


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