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I want to be a Santa – can you help?

I am trying to fulfil a Christmas wish and an important milestone on my list of GirlvForty challenges: er…I want to be a Santa or Father Christmas! Can you help me?

OK, OK, I know I lack some of Santa or St Nick’s obvious key attributes – I’m female, only 41 and I don’t  possess a beard, white or otherwise (yet, although Mother Nature may choose to ‘bless’ me in this department in a few years…).

But in this day and age of equal opportunities, I think these shortcomings should be overlooked.

After all, I recently undertook some elf and Santa training at my local garden centre and I do have my own Santa suit at the ready. You might have heard my recent request for help on Graham Mack’s BOB FM Breakfast Show. I was hoping to do a shift at my garden centre grotto but due to ‘elf and safety’ laws, red tape makes it too complicated for them to arrange it.

And I am keen to volunteer at a local event in the Hertfordshire/Essex area this year. It could be giving out presents at a kids’ party, a toddler group or an old people’s home.

If you are looking for a Santa or a Father Christmas and want somebody fun and enthusiastic to help for an hour or two – and you don’t mind me writing about it – get in touch! Leave a comment or drop me an email at girlvforty@gmail.com or tweet me at @girlvforty

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