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I want to be a Santa – update!

If you read my recent post you will have seen that I have been searching for somewhere in Hertfordshire or Essex where I can be a Santa.

Obviously, it’s all a bit unorthodox/bonkers being as I am not male and I don’t have my own (home-grown, anyway!) long white beard. But I recently did some elf and Santa training at a local garden centre, although unfortunately I wasn’t able to do a shift due to red tape.

Great news! After making a few calls, and an appeal on BOB FM’s Breakfast Show with Graham Mack, I struck lucky with Mudlark’s Garden Café in Hertford. They are having their Kids Christmas party on Tuesday 19th December at 10am and have very kindly invited me along to be Santa!

Mudlarks is a very special charity which helps people with learning difficulties and mental health issues gain experience in areas such as gardening. Their café in Railway Street in Hertford provides work opportunities for people with special needs and, if you’ve ever eaten there, the food and coffee is delicious.

They like to be quirky, the café’s manager Kevin told me, and so it sounds like a good fit. My little boy Stellan and I spend a lot of time there playing with their toys upstairs and at the monthly Hertford Food Swap, every first Saturday of the month.

Really looking forward to it and have just taken delivery of a new Santa suit, so will let you know how I get on soon.

I also had a very kind offer from Hatfield councillor John Fitzpatrick to take part in the annual Santa run at Hatfield House, but as I wasn’t in training, I thought it best not to on this occasion. But it was very kind of him to call up and offer and I really appreciate it, John. Hope it went well!

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