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I want to be Santa – the full story!

Iris & Santa cropSo, many of you have been asking me, ‘How did your stint as Santa go?” Well, it all came off in the end and I managed to fulfil my dream.

But it wasn’t all without mishaps and one major one this week was that I came down with an ear infection and vertigo just a few days before I had to do my appearance at Mudlark’s Café.

I also had to contend with some key items missing from my new Santa suit…

But if you really want to hear the full story, please read my piece for Mirror Online here… Hope you enjoy it and big thanks to everyone at Great Grottos and Van Hage who helped me, Mudlarks Café, Iris and Ellie and Graham Mack at BOB FM, James Andrews at Mirror Money, oh and Doug putting up with me going on about it for weeks on end.

A very merry Christmas to you and a ho, ho, ho!

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