Stop bullying new mums over breast-feeding

Hi there! I’m busy working on preparation for the forthcoming GirlvForty blog and the challenges I will be undertaking – so watch this space – but meanwhile I have been busy elsewhere with the part-time day job.

Just wanted to post a quick link to an opinion piece I’ve just written for UK Mirror Online  on ‘Why we must stop bullying new mums over breast-feeding’.

I hope the latter won’t offend those who are passionate about breast-feeding. Although I chose not to do so myself, I do support those who do – many of my friends do or have done. However, I am angry about how much I feel many new mothers in the UK are bullied about it at a time when they are very vulnerable, having just given birth, and how dogmatic health professionals’ approach can sometimes be regarding the subject.

Instead of nagging mums, which obviously isn’t working, I think it’s time doctors and midwives changed their approach.

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