Socks you can wear for a week without changing

Ever thought how much easier it would be if you could wear the same pair of socks for an entire week without changing them? Me and my husband were challenged to do so last month by Steve Whitley at Corrymoor Socks. He and his wife Kim make high end socks from the mohair their beautiful herd of angora goats produce down in Honiton, East Devon.

Who would want to wear the same pair of socks for a week, though? Stinky, you might think! Especially with my feet, I have to admit. But Steve reckons that mohair is quite different from cotton and prevents bacteria and odours building up, meaning that you can wear them for days on end without anyone in your household passing out from the smell. The only issue is that they cost a lot more than conventional socks to buy. Their pairs start at £10 each.

I wanted to find out if these claims were true and this is the article I wrote for Mirror Money Online about my findings… Hold your nose and read on… 😉


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